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Get $6K on Your 2002 or Newer Trade through Sept. 30

Now through Sept. 30, get $6K on your 200 or newer trade towards remaining 2017s at Todd Wenzel Buick GMC in Grand Rapids, Michigan. All other discounts still apply! Contact me for details!


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Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Todd Wenzel Buick GMC in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Todd Wenzel Buick GMC in Grand Rapids, Mich.

How to Get an Instant Car Title in Michigan

Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Trading in a car, but can’t find the title? I don’t have knowledge for you if you live outside of Michigan, but if you’re a Michigander, here’s a quick fix for getting a new car title — and fast:

  1. You can obtain an instant, duplicate title at any Michigan Secretary of State Super!Center or Plus location, which most also have extended hours.
  2. Go to the Michigan Secretary of State website to Get in Line from anywhere with MI-TIME Line. Select your preferred location.
  3. Enter your cell phone number and select your desired appointment time — immediately or another specific date and time. You will receive a confirmation text and get regular updates about where you are in line. (The Grand Rapids Area SUPER!Center is closest to the dealership where I work — Berger Chevrolet. This Super!Center is open late on Wednesday evenings and till noon on Saturdays.)
  4. Bring your ID and current plate registration. (If you can’t find your current registration, take a picture of your plate. Or, in some cases, you can download a duplicate registration online.)
  5. Be sure to request a Michigan Instant Title, not a duplicate title. Be prepared to pay around $20. You want to get the new title in your hands immediately, not sent in the mail if want to trade your car now, rather than later.

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20% Off 2016 Chevy Spark, Sonic, Impala

Sylvia Dana
Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Update: June 17, 2016

Only three Sparks left in stock at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Chevrolet is taking 20 percent off all 2016 Chevy Spark, Sonic and Impala (excluding Limited Edition) models, through the end of June.

Plus, you can stack this offer with the $3500 Cash for Junker Sale at Berger Chevrolet, in Grand Rapids, Mich., the dealership where I’m proud to sell cars. You can also stack the 20% discount with GM Card Earnings.

Get a brand new car for around $10K!

Check out the break down:

A 2016 Chevy Spark, 1LT, automatic starts at $16,660.

$16,660 – MSRP

minus $3,332 – 20% discount

$13,328 – Selling Price

minus $3,500 – Your Trade Value on your ’86 or newer jalopy

$9,828 -Selling Price After Trade

plus $996 – Tax on the MSRP

plus $234 – Dealer Doc Fee

plus $23 – Title Transfer Fee

$10,918 – Out-the-door Price

Think of it! You get a brand new car, under full warranty and lots of new Chevy perks, including 6-months Onstar trial, 3-month wifi trial, two-years free scheduled maintenance, built-in Apple Car Play and Android Auto, Chevy Mylink blue tooth streaming, 5 years free roadside assistance, 5 years Onstar Basic. So much value for your money!

Don’t wait. Contact me today for details!

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Cash for Your Clunker in Grand Rapids

Updated: June 1, 2016

Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Cash for Junkers is back! I love this sale; it only comes around once in a blue moon! If you have a clunker, a junker or a jalopy, get $3500 minimum** when you trade in your 1986 or newer car*, as long as it starts, drives and stops. This sale ends June 30, 2015, at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Contact Sylvia for details or to make at appointment.

*one trade per deal, must be registered and insured for last six months.

** compatible with most other current rebates

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Get Your Vehicle Ready to Make an Appearance

Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Is your vehicle ready for its road-way appearance this season?

With Appearance Protection, your new or used vehicle from Berger Chevrolet can look showroom ready, long after you take it home.

Whether you want the effect of Rain-X on steroids for your windshield or you want to reduce road noise by 30 percent, I’ve got a protection you can add to your vehicle to enhance your vehicle’s value at trade-in time. The most important appearance product might be Corrosion Protection, i.e. rustproofing.

Some customers ask me why their new vehicle doesn’t come with corrosion protection from the factory. It does, in fact, come with a rust-through protection for 6 years or 100,000 miles. GM vehicles are designed to resist corrosion. However — and it’s a big caveat — GM’s anti-corrosion warranty doesn’t cover damage due to environmental factors, such as salt from the winter roads in Michigan.

As your sales consultant at Berger, I work directly with Great Lakes Chemical in Grand Rapids, Mich. — and can offer you the best deal — for all your appearance protection needs, including paint, interior, corrosion, windshield and wheel protection, as well as sound treatment undercoating.

Whether you lease, finance or own your vehicle, I offer a variety of package combinations to keep your vehicle protected and looking great. Pricing ranges from $249 to $998, which can be added to your payments or paid for separately.

Contact me to make your Appearance Protection appointment today!

I offer the following Appearance Protection products for any and all of the vehicles in your household:

Paint Protection – Nano-based sealant applied to exterior painted and chrome surfaces eliminates need for waxing and creates a durable finish. Protects against environmental damages caused by tree sap, acid rain, bird waste, UV rays and hard water spots. Includes seven year environmental warranty.

Interior Protection – Protects against food and beverage stains, bleaches and dyes, fading, discoloration, mold/mildew and cracking of the dash from the sun’s UV rays. Comes with 7 year warranty.

Corrosion Protection – Petroleum-based chemical designed to resist corrosion perforation. Protects against road salt, calcium chloride and exposure to the elements for long lasting protection. Comes with a 10 year warranty for new cars and seven years for pre-owned vehicles. (When packaged with Paint Protection includes a 5 year surface warranty for new cars and three years for pre-owned cars.)

Electronic Corrosion Protection – Used in place of the chemical process, Electronic Corrosion Protection was developed by NASA engineers. A module using radio frequency and pulse-wave technology is installed to protect all grounded components from corrosion perforation. This protection is transferable to other vehicles, is environmentally friendly and covers vehicle inside out.

Undercoat/Sound Treatment – Asphalt-based rubberized coating is sprayed to the applicable components of the undercarriage. It protects and insulates the vehicle’s under body from moisture, salt spray and corrosive chemicals. It also reduces road noise by 30 percent. (If you don’t add undercoating, but only Corrosion Protection, your rust proof product is applied to the under body.)

Diamon Fusion – A two-step application process designed to strengthen your windshield up to 10x. The first step fills in pores of the glass to reduce the road glare, bringing down night glare by 35 percent. The second step creates a water resistant layer to repel rain, snow and ice.

Wheel Protection – Solvent based coating applied to your rims, creating a protective bond to the clear coat. This hand-polished product makes the wheels easier to clean, protects against brake dust and keeps your wheels looking new.

Contact me to make your Appearance Protection appointment today!


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Top 10 Tricks for a Quality Car-Shopping Experience

Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.

It’s amazing to me how many people come to a dealership with nothing but incorrect and preconceived notions — usually negative. As a car sales person, I would like to personally apologize for all the wrongs you have encountered at a car dealership in times past. But it’s a new day, so when it comes to a quality car-buying experience, I recommend you relax and listen.

1. Eat first: Yes, that’s what I said. Eat! Have a good breakfast or some lunch before you go to the dealership. In addition, bring some snacks or vending machine money. You can’t think straight or make big life decisions when you’re stomach starts growling. Don’t expect to stop in the dealership “really quick.” That’s not happening. Don’t waste the sales person’s time or your own time if you’re not willing to put in the effort it takes to shop for a car — no matter what stage of the process you think you’re in. If you end up with a good sales person who guides you through their sales process, it really helps things go more smoothly (and happily) for all involved — especially you — if you’re not “hangry.”

2. Get a baby sitter: This is not a judgment on parents with young children. If you have to bring your kids with you to car shop, then so be it. But, to help take the pressure off of you, worrying about how your child is coping with what can be a painstaking experience, try to arrange for child care, all day and unlimited. This will allow you to relax. P.S. Your 5-year-old cannot be held responsible for your financial decisions. They don’t need to be involved.

3. Make an appointment: If you have been referred to a sales person or you have worked with a sales person at a dealership previously, it’s better if you make an appointment with that person directly and ahead of time. That way, they will more likely be ready for you when you come. If you’ve bought a car from one sales person, and you choose to go to a different sales person at the same dealership and purchase, you are forcing that second sales person to split their commission with the original sales person, even though the second sales person completes the whole job. On the other hand, if you’ve never been to a dealership, don’t have a sales person and haven’t been referred to a sales person, simply show up. That’s just fine. However, if you make an appointment with a specific sales person ahead of time and talk things over on the phone first, your sales person will have time to prepare before you come and hopefully shorten your time at the dealership.

4. Bring your driver’s license (and other important documents): Duh! I’ve actually had people come in the dealership with the specific intent of test driving a car, but who failed to bring their Driver’s License. Whaaaa??!! The salesperson is going to need to make a copy of your license to, legally, let you test drive their car. They will also need your license to, legally, take your credit application. Also, bring your trade title. If you don’t have your title or can’t find it, expect to pay a “Lost Title” fee of around $50 and sign some paperwork to authorize the dealership to apply for a duplicate title on your behalf. Note: You can get a Instant Title at a Secretary of State Super Center location for around $20. Also, be sure to have your current plate registration (or at least plate number) and current proof of insurance ID card. Are you worried about your credit? Bring your most recent paystub. Learn more about credit challenges.

5. Know your trade-in value: Have an idea of what you want for your trade. Simply go to, enter true information about your vehicle and look at the the low-to-high-range “Fair Condition” value when you trade into a dealership. Second, know who your lender and your loan or lease account number. Also, know your 10-day payoff and your per diem. P.S. If you owe more money than your trade is worth on trade, it’s possible you can roll over that negative equity into a new loan or lease. Or, you can have some money down. Don’t worry about it yet…let your dealer show you options to deal with this issue.

6. Enjoy the ride: Guess what? Your sales person knows how to do their job. Don’t expect to walk in and run the show. You don’t work there. Let your sales person guide you through car buying process. It will save you time and frustration. Just go with it…

7. Know what discounts you might qualify for: Do you get a manufacturer discount through a family member? Know what that discount is and get the information you need from the family member, preferably before you go to the dealership. See more.

8. Have a goal: Know what you want to accomplish in regards to features of your new car, trade value, out-the-door price and monthly payment. Decide what is most important to you. And please, share that information with your sales person. Don’t play games. Be clear about your most important goal.

9. Do math: You’re not going to be able to buy a $30,000 car for $250 a month. Lease — mabye — but not buy. So, if you’re budget is $250, understand that you’re allowing your budget to dictate the model and features of your vehicle; it might also be dictating year and miles if you’re going pre-owned. For example, I had a young woman who turned down a $275 a month payment on a 2014 preowned Chevrolet Cruze LT with 43K miles on it — a 2 year-old car that came with the remaining 5-year, 100K mile powertrain warranty and roadside assistance. She said she wasn’t willing to go over $250. So, she chose to take a 2010 Malibu LT with 59K miles, out of warranty and a bit more…used. It didn’t make much sense to me, but she was happy, and that’s what matters.

10. Be open to different financing options: Perhaps you heard leasing a new car was a bad decision. Or maybe you heard Of course, you have no idea what your best car-buying options are for your unique situation, but someone told you something once and you think you know. Well, you don’t. So, be sure to share your goals, along with information about your credit and your driving habits, with your sales person. Then, let the dealership educate you on all the different options in regards to length of the loan, leasing options, money down, interest rates, etc. If you’re credit challenged, read this…