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Why I Love My All-New 2016 Chevy Cruze

Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Guess what?! I traded in my 2014 Chevy Cruze LT, in Summit White, last weekend and traded it in for a 2016 Chevy Cruze LT, in Kinetic Blue — all-new, Baby!

I’ve already got more than 600 miles on it in less than a week! But it was July 4th weekend, so it’s to be expected. Right?

I got out of my lease a year early, but I decided it was worth it — for the all-new Cruze redesign, including better gas mileage, more space and Apple Car Play. The all new Cruze LT and Premier models also come with two years free Onstar Guidance Plan, two years free XM Radio and 24 gigs or 24 months of WiFi data. This lovely package is called the 2016 Cruze 24/7 Promise and — again — is only available on the All-New 2016 Chevrolet Cruze LT and Premier models. (See 24/7 flyer at end of post or download).

Not only is the technology cool in my All-New 2016 Cruze, but the ride is really great. I was a little hesitant about saying goodbye to my previous Cruze, because I felt it was a strong and solid little car. I enjoyed the quality and wasn’t sure how the all-new 1.4 L Turbo engine, with automatic stop/start technology in the new Cruze would compare to the previous version of the 1.4 L Turbo. But now, I can say that I’m thrilled.

My new Cruze feels light and nimble. It handles beautifully and it’s slightly longer wheel base makes for an even smoother ride. It’s also very quiet. And…there’s a ton more space for passenger comfort.

To quote the Edmunds review about the 2016 Cruze:

…the 2016 Cruze comes with a standard turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine, which Chevy has revised from the previous model year to make 15 more horsepower and 29 more pound-feet of torque. This engine has less work to do, too, as Chevrolet says the 2016 Cruze has shed about 250 pounds. Pleasingly, the redesigned Cruze is also a bit roomier, particularly for rear seat passengers. Four adults can now fit with comfort to spare.

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