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How Much Does it Really Cost to Lease a 2017 GMC Terrain?

Have you seen the incredible lease specials on the 2017 GMC Terrain? You may or may not qualify for a $149 month payment on a lease…but it’s still a great deal! Contact me to learn more about how much you can lease your new Terrain for today!

Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Todd Wenzel Buick GMC in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Todd Wenzel Buick GMC in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Get Your Vehicle Ready to Make an Appearance

Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sylvia Dana, sales consultant at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Is your vehicle ready for its road-way appearance this season?

With Appearance Protection, your new or used vehicle from Berger Chevrolet can look showroom ready, long after you take it home.

Whether you want the effect of Rain-X on steroids for your windshield or you want to reduce road noise by 30 percent, I’ve got a protection you can add to your vehicle to enhance your vehicle’s value at trade-in time. The most important appearance product might be Corrosion Protection, i.e. rustproofing.

Some customers ask me why their new vehicle doesn’t come with corrosion protection from the factory. It does, in fact, come with a rust-through protection for 6 years or 100,000 miles. GM vehicles are designed to resist corrosion. However — and it’s a big caveat — GM’s anti-corrosion warranty doesn’t cover damage due to environmental factors, such as salt from the winter roads in Michigan.

As your sales consultant at Berger, I work directly with Great Lakes Chemical in Grand Rapids, Mich. — and can offer you the best deal — for all your appearance protection needs, including paint, interior, corrosion, windshield and wheel protection, as well as sound treatment undercoating.

Whether you lease, finance or own your vehicle, I offer a variety of package combinations to keep your vehicle protected and looking great. Pricing ranges from $249 to $998, which can be added to your payments or paid for separately.

Contact me to make your Appearance Protection appointment today!

I offer the following Appearance Protection products for any and all of the vehicles in your household:

Paint Protection – Nano-based sealant applied to exterior painted and chrome surfaces eliminates need for waxing and creates a durable finish. Protects against environmental damages caused by tree sap, acid rain, bird waste, UV rays and hard water spots. Includes seven year environmental warranty.

Interior Protection – Protects against food and beverage stains, bleaches and dyes, fading, discoloration, mold/mildew and cracking of the dash from the sun’s UV rays. Comes with 7 year warranty.

Corrosion Protection – Petroleum-based chemical designed to resist corrosion perforation. Protects against road salt, calcium chloride and exposure to the elements for long lasting protection. Comes with a 10 year warranty for new cars and seven years for pre-owned vehicles. (When packaged with Paint Protection includes a 5 year surface warranty for new cars and three years for pre-owned cars.)

Electronic Corrosion Protection – Used in place of the chemical process, Electronic Corrosion Protection was developed by NASA engineers. A module using radio frequency and pulse-wave technology is installed to protect all grounded components from corrosion perforation. This protection is transferable to other vehicles, is environmentally friendly and covers vehicle inside out.

Undercoat/Sound Treatment – Asphalt-based rubberized coating is sprayed to the applicable components of the undercarriage. It protects and insulates the vehicle’s under body from moisture, salt spray and corrosive chemicals. It also reduces road noise by 30 percent. (If you don’t add undercoating, but only Corrosion Protection, your rust proof product is applied to the under body.)

Diamon Fusion – A two-step application process designed to strengthen your windshield up to 10x. The first step fills in pores of the glass to reduce the road glare, bringing down night glare by 35 percent. The second step creates a water resistant layer to repel rain, snow and ice.

Wheel Protection – Solvent based coating applied to your rims, creating a protective bond to the clear coat. This hand-polished product makes the wheels easier to clean, protects against brake dust and keeps your wheels looking new.

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